When Everything Is Not Enough

Modern Fighters


We thought we included everything a modern pilot could want in our Pilot's Toy Box.

But sometimes, everything under the sun is just not enough. Almost immediately, our users cried out for the addition of Modern Fighters.


Take the Helm


For our followup add-on, we created the skunk works "X-Aircraft" that our user demanded.

Step behind the controls of the most powerful and top-secret fighter aircraft in the US arsenal. We created a set of modern fighter aircraft based on the actual specifications published by the United States military. In some cases, the real specifications were not available, so we had to make our best guess.

The result was the #2 best-selling add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, second only to our own Pilot's Toy Box.


#2 Expansion Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Second only to our own Pilot's Toy Box.