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Our Backstory

In 1994 Satori Canton created Satori Interactive to create cutting edge interactive software and video games. During the 90's Satori Interactive created video games and level packs for titles like Warcraft II, Quake, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Redneck Rampage, and Duke Nukem 3D.

In the 2000's, Satori Interactive became increasingly focused on the web and interactive multimedia. By 2005, most of our work involved Flash based applications and video games. At which point, Satori Interactive reorganized as ActionScript, Inc. (ActionScript.com) with a strong focus on Flash based interactive media. During this time, we pioneered interactive social media and social video games for Zynga, MindJolt, RockYou, ScrapBlog, Ribbit and many others.

Today, our focus has evolved toward emerging technology in Local, Mobile and Social applications using HTML 5, Flash and Native Mobile applications as well as desktop and kiosk based interactive media. With our new focus, we are now known as Preese Interactive Media.

Masters of Technology

Norman Seymore is a world-class SQL engineer. Specializing in big data, with a thirst for infinite hierarchy algorithms and a proven mastery of database architecture. Norman is at his best when posed with intriguing puzzles.

Not your average data guru, Norman excels at inventing innovative solutions to data visualization, making otherwise hidden or complex data easily accessible to average people.

Where other artists paint in pixels, Norman takes raw data and presents it in an intuitive an approachable manner that reveals hidden insights and actionable information.


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125 W. Pine St.

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