Changing the Way People Socialize

RockYou Slideshow


In 2006, RockYou (a kitchen table startup at the time) approached us to create a dynamic Flash based slideshow that could be used by people to create beautiful animated slideshows that would be embeddable into sites across the web.

At the time, MySpace was the dominant social network. We created a rich media slideshow application for RockYou that included a wide variety of custom animations, transitions, animated text captions and customizable audio.


Self Expression


Almost immediately, the popularity of the RockYou slideshow exploded on MySpace. Millions of people were uploading snapshots from their everyday lives to create robust slideshows that they could share with their social network.

The viral nature of creating successful social media applications meant that RockYou and their slideshow would soon become one of the most popular applications on the internet.


#1 MySpace and Facebook Developer

In 2007, RockYou's Slideshow became the #1 most popular widget on MySpace. Over 50 million users created over 250 million slideshows, sharing their lives via photographs over the MySpace social network.

By 2009, leveraging the previous success of their online slideshow, RockYou became the #1 most popular developer on the Facebook platform, and continues to publish applications on Facebook to this day.

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